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Hello !

I'm 5 SUPREME from the Phoenix, AZ area. I'm an independent music producer, song writer,  & composer. I specialize in Electro and Urban sounds or any unique sound that sparks my creativity. I am seeking to collaborate and perform with a wide variety of artists, but I do not limit myself to a single genre.

I create what pops into my head.

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My Story

I grew up listening to anything that was on the radio——Pop, Rock, R&B, Disco, Classical music.  I developed into a R&B and Rap music fan. The bass, the grooves, and the beats of those genres can be captivating. As the SOUND of those genres changed, so did my tastes. 


I've always loved the electronic synth sound of 80’s music, the electric vibe of freestyle music, and the upbeat sound you hear on the dance floor. As my tastes in music changed, so did my love for electronic music. 


I love the way music could be skillfully mixed together so I bought a controller and started mixing songs together. Soon afterwards, I started producing my own music so I could mix my own songs with other artists songs and producers that I liked. I wanted to hear my songs "in the mix."


Those synth and electronic sounds get into you soul! I love a good story being told as well. I don't really produce music without a story being told. The vocals add that missing part of the song! I feel it's important to work with vocalists to sing on my songs and to tell the story and the emotions that I am trying to convey. I think that the story is incomplete without the vocals.


Now, I am building my fanbase and working on gathering a following. Help me out. SHARE OUR MUSIC WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


Join me for the ride!

My Sound

What’s my style? Who do I sound like? I sound like 5 SUPREME. I don’t sound like any one else. I’m not trying to sound like anyone else. I don’t use reference tracks. 


I like a lot of synth in my electronic music and you’re going to hear "some" bass & groove. I like the term Electro Pop or Synth Pop. Some of our songs have a little more funk and groove to them. I like to call those songs Urban Electronic or ElectroUrban. I don’t really want to be confined to 1 genre. Good music surpasses any 1 genre. I’m a music producer. I make the music I like. I think you will like it too!

Lyrics are important to me! I take my time when writing a good song. My songs tell good stories. Really listen to our songs. I DO consider myself a story teller. I think you'll like the stories I'm telling.


Tell me what you think. Contact me below!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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